DAF Trucks Australia Reveals Pure Excellence in 2020

The result of extensive redesign in Europe, having re-developed as many components on the truck as possible, this next generation of DAF models sets new standards in transport efficiency and driver comfort. Engine innovations, new drivelines and aerodynamic optimisations result in significantly reduced fuel consumption. The new generation models also feature enhanced safety features, and an updated interior and exterior design for driver comfort and appeal. These excellent new trucks provide DAF customers with lower operating costs and increased uptime in an attractive and stylish package.

DAF Trucks Australia 

“Building on the excellent reputation for fuel efficiency, reliability and driver comfort, the Euro 6 DAF range has earned in Europe, DAF has developed a new generation of XF and CF trucks offering the best possible solutions for both the customer and the driver”, said Brad May, Director Sales and Marketing, PACCAR Australia. “Backed by our extensive and professional dealer network, the new trucks have superseded the existing range with exceptional advancements.”


The New XF and CF

Lower fuel consumption is possible because of a range of innovations, including:
• New PACCAR MX-11 and redesigned MX-13 engines
• New TraXon automated gearboxes
• New high efficiency rear axles with new faster ratios
• Advanced powertrain software features
• Aerodynamic optimisations
• Battery energy monitoring
• New PACCAR engine brake, and
• New Exhaust After-treatment System
Excellent fuel efficiency is the result of the fully integrated and innovative driveline that achieves optimum interaction between the engine, exhaust after-treatment system, transmission and rear axles, which reduces the total cost of ownership.
PACCAR MX engines have been further improved by applying a new and even more efficient turbocharger, a new EGR system and a new valve actuation design. Thermal efficiency has been enhanced by developing a new combustion system, including new pistons, injectors and injection strategies, while higher compression ratios are employed.

New highly efficient variable speed cooling, steering and oil pumps are also used to achieve lower fuel consumption. Decreasing parasitic load off the engine further assists in reducing the load on the engine.
A key principle when developing the new drivelines was to reduce engine revs for improved fuel efficiency. Maximum torque of the PACCAR MX-13 engine has been increased significantly and is available from 900 rpm to allow down speeding of the engine. The top-of-the range PACCAR MX-13 engine produces 390 kW/530 hp and 2,600 Nm of torque at 1,000 rpm.

“An important part of fuel economy comes down to how the driver operates the vehicle; the best possible driving delivers the best efficiency. The Driver Performance Assistance (DPA) feature offers constant feedback to the driver of his/her driving style and is effectively positioned so the driver can easily see the driving effects on fuel consumption,” May said.

DAF Trucks Australia

Efficient TraXon gearbox as standard

The latest generation of TraXon automated gearboxes are standard on the new XF and CF series with the 12 speed being standard and a 16 speed optional. Less friction losses and even faster upshifts also contribute to lowest fuel consumption. Driver comfort is further enhanced thanks to its quiet and smooth operation and precise clutch control. The increased ratio spread allows excellent maneuverability, even when faster drivelines are applied.

Advanced powertrain software features

The new XF and CF model range features a completely new electric and electronic architecture. It introduces a new vehicle control unit for dedicated driveline integration.

PACCAR Engine Brake performance

Next to engine performance, the performance of the PACCAR Engine Brake has been enhanced. Maximum braking power of the PACCAR MX-11 engine brake is 340 kW. Maximum braking power of the MX-13 is no less than 360 kW and in the important 1,200 to 1,500 rpm range, braking power has increased up to thirty percent.
DAF Trucks Australia

Aerodynamic Optimisations

In order to achieve lower fuel consumption, vehicle aerodynamics have been improved thanks to a new sun visor design for the New XF and CF. In addition, the new XF features flow guides behind the grille for optimal aerodynamics around the truck and through to the engine bay. New grille closures reduce drag, and new gap closures between the headlight and corner deflector provide the best possible aerodynamics.

Exceptional Safety

The New XF and CF comes with enhanced active and passive features that deliver superior safety for the driver and other road users. The full safety package outlined below comes as standard in all vehicles:
• Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
• Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
• Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS)
• Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
• Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
• Side Camera
• LED lighting for better illumination and visibility, and cornering lights.
DAF Trucks Australia
Additionally, DAF is introducing its Protective Cab Suspension Construction, a proprietary technology that, in case of a collision, helps to absorb a significant part of the collision energy, thus protecting the driver and enabling easy access for emergency services.
A safer driver environment is not just limited to the active safety systems. The ergonomic design of the DAF cab interior helps maximise the driver’s attention to the road, the customisable layout allows the driver to configure it to their needs and the extreme quiet and overall comfort contribute to a less fatigued driver at the end of the day.

The New XF and CF: Driver Comfort and Interior Design

The New XF and CF are a significant upgrade in driver comfort, thanks to great accessibility, excellent interior space and many innovations that enhance safety, comfort, user-friendliness and attractiveness.
From the moment you step inside, the New XF and CF deliver the highest level of quality and driver comfort. New warm and tasteful colors on the dashboard, seats, curtains, mattresses, side and back walls give the interior an attractive appearance in which every driver can appreciate the luxury and quality.
DAF Trucks Australia
The XF piano black decoration on the dashboard and rear cab wall gives the interior extra appeal.

“But the best comes when you turn the key and you hear very little. It is incredibly quiet. In terms of transmitted engine and road noise, the sound levels are exceptional,” May said.


New Temperature and Climate Control

The New XF and CF feature a completely new automatic and easy to operate HVAC system. It also contributes to improved fuel efficiency as the new smart controlled air-conditioning system consumes less energy by cooling the air down only as much as is needed to reach the desired temperature. Intelligent control of the evaporator is also used to avoid unnecessary air cooling. The new fully automated HVAC system uses residual heat from the engine for heating the cab during shorts breaks, further adding to fuel efficiency. The new temperature and climate control systems may also be operated using the new rear wall panel with temperature display for highest driver comfort.

Enhanced Driver Information and User-Friendliness

The instrument panel has been redesigned with new characters for a more modern and attractive appearance and enhanced clarity. The enhanced Driver Information Panel includes a tachograph countdown, displaying remaining driving and resting times.
DAF Trucks Australia
This contributes to enhanced comfort and efficiency, as do the driver configurable switches, which allow the driver to position dashboard switches according to his/her preference.
Drivers will also benefit from the new interior light switch, positioned in the central part of the dashboard, while DAF’s great sliding table and unmatched storage space remain untouched. The new interior light switch stands out in user-friendliness with possibilities of dimming for ‘night drive’ and ‘relax’ modes. All speed-related functions, including cruise control and adaptive cruise control are intuitively grouped on the steering wheel.

Great Looks

DAF has enhanced the exterior styling with subtle and stylish elements, like the identity plate in the doorstep, which welcomes the driver to the luxurious interior (XF). The new DAF nameplate and redesigned DAF logo featuring chrome letters symbolise the trucks’ quality.
Accents in the bumper and sun visor provide the exterior with an extra touch of elegance, as do the decorative strips in the grille and the new grill mesh for the XF.
This new and attractive styling doesn’t just give it great looks, but the DAF’s exterior upgrades further contribute to improved aerodynamics.
DAF Trucks Australia

“We have made great trucks even better”, said May. “The new generation of our XF and CF range further extends the current trucks’ excellent reliability, fuel efficiency and driver comfort and we have made major steps to further enhance vehicle efficiency. The New XF and CF truly represent Pure Excellence.”


International Awards

The New XF and the New CF were named International Truck of the Year in 2018 for transport efficiency and impressive fuel efficiency.
DAF’s commitment to quality has earned the company five International Truck of the Year awards, the industry’s highest honour:
• 1988 – DAF 95
• 1998 – DAF 95XF
• 2002 – DAF LF
• 2007 – XF105
• 2018 – CF and XF
DAF Trucks Australia

History of DAF Trucks

DAF became a PACCAR company in 1996 and has been part of PACCAR Australia since 1998.
The class-leading CF85 prime mover is the first Australian-produced DAF truck to travel down the production line, scheduled into build slots that have previously been occupied solely by Kenworth trucks for the past 47 years. The decision to locally produce the DAF CF85 will in time allow PACCAR Australia the opportunity to provide DAF customers with high levels of customisation through our local engineering team and local parts sourcing.
PACCAR Australia is committed to providing new investment and manufacturing capabilities in Australia, and we are proud to say that DAF Trucks Australia is here for the long term.
To learn more visit: www.daf.com.au

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