Future of Urban Trucks is electric, says Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks will become a driving force in the “electromobility revolution”, according to its managing director Carlos Rodrigues.

He believes that now is the right time for urban fleets to switch to electric, with vehicles available from 3.1-tonnes to 26-tonnes.


“For Renault Trucks, electromobility was the obvious response to urban air quality and noise issues, and we have been preparing for the shift to electric vehicles for over ten years,” said Rodrigues.

The company will deliver its first customer-specified Renault Trucks Master ZE this month – a nine-seat Minibus – with more orders due for delivery in the coming weeks.

Enquiries are also increasing for the highly-anticipated Range D and Range D Wide ZE models, with the first UK customer vehicle scheduled for delivery in early 2020.


“Today we can offer a complete range of 100% electric vehicles, from 3.1 to 26 tonnes – cleaner, safer, more efficient vehicles with proven performance, ideally suited for use in the city,” Rodrigues explained.

He continued: “For tomorrow, we must continue to accelerate change, and to do this we must continue to work with operators, legislators and other stakeholders to ensure our vehicles remain fully compliant and competitive.

 “As society’s environmental consciousness grows, so does the responsibility of the industry to harness new technologies to bring about change. Renault Trucks is doing this through the tailoring of vehicles to customers’ applications, developments in automation and connectivity, and increasing use of vehicle data to improve vehicle operation and customer service.”

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