Daimler Equips Mercedes

    Daimler AG is equipping one of its global Mercedes-Benz trucks with technology that can take the wheel in situations ranging from stop-and-go city driving to highway cruising.

     Using camera and radar systems, the revamped Mercedes Actros — which is not sold in the United States — can independently steer, brake and accelerate without speed restrictions, a first in a mass-produced truck, according to the Stuttgart, Germany-based automaker. The technological flair extends to the so-called mirror-cam, with the vehicle’s surroundings shown on two 15-inch video displays inside the driver’s cabin replacing traditional mirrors.

    “Our Actros makes the logistics business significantly safer for all participants and more efficient for our customers,” Mercedes-Benz trucks chief Stefan Buchner said in a statement ahead of the truck’s premiere in Berlin on Sept. 5. “The new Actros already puts the future of heavy-duty trucks on the road today.”

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